Spotify India’s sings a unique tune on Twitter during the IPL final

Spotify India went beserk on Twitter during the IPL final with 250 tweets throughout the final. That is more that one tweet per ball throughout the match!The objective was to showcase the breath of the playlists available on the app

Every tweet was put up in a cricket scoring app like format followed up with a recommended playlist

It is always difficult to latch on to a property like IPL without sponsoring with them due to copyright restrictions of usage of the entity itself & the franchisees. Having said that, the effort is laudable from a sheer volume perspective and highlighting the product’s proposition & connecting it with the most talked about event of the day. Kudos to their social media team to execute this at this speeds.

Our Take
They used the hashtag #HallBallpeplaylist and that was the only hashtag used with the tweets. This means the campaign reach would generated from their 18k odd followers and the consequent retweets. They could have use the match hashtags to get much higher traction like #MIvsCSK and landed in the search strings of popular hashtags during the match. Zomato & Netflix are good examples of brands who latch on current trends with using popular hashtags and end up creating buzz with one single post.

Although the campaign idea is innovative since it would not require any creative or tech development, the volume of tweets on the TL might have miffed some of their followers. It would interesting to track if the playlists shared did lead to increase in usage of those specific playlists & hence can be attributed back to the campaign.
If the campaign was only done with the objective of creating awareness, that could have been done without posting a playlist on every single ball, which I am sure their social media community manager would agree 🙂

Authored by : Hardik Joshi

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