Marketer InSpotlight – Upasana Naithani


InSpotlight caught up with Upasana Naithani, Business Head- Digital at Infectious Advertising

1. Give us quick round up of your work experience.
I have been working for over 10 years now, with a digital experience of 7 years. My digital journey truly started with BC WebWise, a giant in the industry. I started as an Account Executive and grew to the role of an Account Director. Having worked with brands such as Unilever, Sunsilk, ICICI, Kidzee, Educomp, Volkswagen, Nutrela and more, it was a well rounded education. I moved to VML, a WPP company and was leading major businesses such as Pantaloons, Moods Condoms, Spencer Retail and more. The feather in my cap is the Kotak website that got revamped under me with AEM as the CMS. I also had a stint in Flying Cursor and then moved to Infectious Advertising.

2. Give us brief of your current role
I head Digital Business for Infectious. I am responsible for growing the current digital business and setting up a full fledged digital team in the organisation. From a 2 people team, the current strength is 10 and growing.

3. What does your ideal day at office look like?
I step in by 10.30 and start my day with a To-Do list. From emergent to non-emergent, I like to jot down everything in it. I then move to answer emails and make necessary calls. At around 11.30 I sit with my team and look at the agenda of the day. Then I submerge myself in various ideations and discussions. I also actively find time to read and teach. I mostly end the day with status checks on day’s work against my To-Do list.

4. Tell us your most exciting campaign that you have worked on?
It has to be Project Sunlight for Unilever Corporate. For such a large brand, the philosophy they wanted to communicate was brilliant and as an advertiser too, they looked to be real while doing so. We did some really cool films that won lots of awards. I also had a pleasure to work with the most wonderful clients who shared similar vision.

5. Which are the brand/s do you would love to work on?
Levi. Apple. Maggi.

6. Who have been your mentors who have helped you shape up your career?
I would name Chaaya Baradhwaaj, CEO BC Webwise; Elstan Rebello, then Business Director for BCWW and my first ever clients – Asha Kharga, now CMO Axis Bank and Neeraja Kale of Neeraja Kale Consultants. I name my clients because its they who set standards of work, ethics and responsibility and relationship between agency and client for me and I have followed it since.

7. Which is the campaign that you admire the most?
There are so many honestly but if I have to, then something that recently caught my eye and was genius was Spotify billboard campaign. It was so simple and such genius.

8. What have you been reading recently?
I am reading 3 books simultaneously – Pyjamas are Forgiving, Karna’s Wife and My Geeta.

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