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Pallavi Rangavajhala
Pallavi Rangavajhala



InSpotlight caught up with Pallavi Rangavajhala, A Digital & Social Media Specialist

1. Give us quick round up of your work experience

  • Digital and Social media specialist with an experience of 9 years in managing a plethora of top Indian and international brands.
  • Strong strategist with a Masters Degree from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  • Expertise in the areas: Market strategy, Market research, Social media marketing, Social Media planning, public relation, Digital Marketing, Analytics and content development.
  • Good organising skills and team player. Relevant administration experience with competence to accomplish task in time.
  • Setting up the Social Media divisions at some of the biggest agencies in the country.
  • Pitching for and winning new businesses to grow the divisions.

2. Could you give us brief understanding of your current role?

I am a part of a global social program that involves on-boarding top level company executives into the program; educating them on the best social media practices; measuring and reporting the impact of their social media influence. I actively participate in a wide variety of social media activities such as blogging, community development and management.

I am working closely with the panel of leaders to execute effective conversations across relevant channels. Interaction with the experts – On-boarding new Experts into the program and ensuring all their social profiles are optimized, promoted and managed. Educating the Experts panel on incorporating relevant social media techniques, engaging in healthy social media practices.I also work on measuring and reporting the impact of social media on the overall marketing efforts. I have been working on Google Analytics and analyzing the impact of the campaigns. I have hosted Blogging webinars to encourage first time bloggers to blog on different blogging platforms. I also work on campaign executed with external parties aligned to my employer.

3. What does your ideal day at office look like?

Working on digital and social strategies, Planning and implementing innovating ideas, Interacting with digital marketers and brainstorming on interesting ideas/strategies , Social media promotions, Digital plan, working on IT campaigns, planning a digital campaign, working and planning social media promotions, Measuring and analyzing digital campaigns and suggesting recommendations.

4. Tell us about your most exciting campaign that you have worked on

I have managed the biggest tier 1 campaign for over 4 years. This is an annual conference where every year, business and IT executives come from around the world to learn more about new products, as well as hear more about the company’s roadmaps. I worked on the digital and social media plan, proposed digital ideas (during event on-ground, social media ideas) which was a huge success and implemented few initiatives which engaged lot of attendees and grabbed a lot of attention. This campaign has been a great success after all the hard work and efforts by all the team involved. This campaign was very well appreciated by everyone and was considered as a benchmark for all the other events.

5. Which are the brand/s that you would love to work on?

FMCG, BSFI, IT COMPANIES, Entertainment brands

6. Any additional information that you would want to share with us

I have been awarded as the Women Digital Leader’ by the She Leads Summit 2018™ on 21st December 2018 at the 2nd Annual Leadership Conference. She Leads™ is a signature program of International Business Intelligence™ aiming to promote women’s personal & professional achievements.

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