Marketer InSpotlight – Gunjan Pai

InSpotlight caught up with Gunjan Pai, Founder of Copylove

1. Give us quick round up of your work experience.
For over 12 years, I enjoyed working with leading agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather and Lowe Lintas as a copywriter, and brands and passionate entrepreneurs as an independent consultant. 4 years ago, I founded my own boutique copywriting studio called Copylove.

2. Give us brief of your current role
As a founder and the main creative brain, Copylove helps me transform the way I craft and manage projects, one day at a time. It has sharpened my creative vision and has given me a profound sense of purpose and structure which I can now offer to everyone I do business with.

3. What does your ideal day at office look like?
I work out of home and work spaces. I have a disciplined way of working and like being conscious of maintaining healthy boundaries, such as lunch time, family time, dog walk time and so on – while maximising work hours.

4. Tell us your most exciting campaign that you have worked on
With 16 years of work behind me, its very difficult to point one. Too many babies to choose from. Sometimes a space branding project has been exciting, or at times converting a serious process documentation into an engaging book has been an exciting experience.

5. Which are the brand/s do you would love to work on?
Again, any brand – whether famous or new – which poses an exciting challenge.

6. What are your key sources of information to get news about the marketing industry?
The Internet (my own research, and emailers I subscribe to)

7. Who have been your mentors who have helped you shape up your career?
My bosses at both my agencies in early-days, and later I want to express thanks to clients who signed-up long-term retainers with me. Beyond that, being an independent writer, I am mostly self-learnt.

8. Which is the campaign that you admire the most?
Diesel Be Stupid is a favourite I always like to revisit.

9. What have you been reading recently?
A lot of poetry


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