What can marketers do to avoid ad fraud

There hasn’t been a more relevant time to have a conversation on ad fraud. Large brands around the globe likeHUL, Adidas, Amazon, Cisco, Hershey, Hilton, Mozilla, Netflix, Nissan, P&G and Under Armour have have showcased concern over brand safety issues globally. Here are some tips for brands and advertisers to avoid ad fraud.

Use the right targeting cuts

Use of the right targeting cuts like interests and context can help brands reach out to genuine people and avoid bots.

Use multiple targeting cuts with multiple layers of filters which help us narrow down on the right audience and hence ensure we reach out to legitimate user base.

Using an ad verification vendor

Ad verification companies like MOAT, Integral Ad science and Double Verify are used extensively in the developed markets for campaigns tracking. Their AI based algorithms track through tags placed with creatives across publishers’ report inconsistencies and block fraudulent clicks.

Advertisers in India should also be willing to invest in ensuring we keep a check on ad fraud and be able to hold up the platforms and publishers for deliveries by working with an ad verification vendor already in talks with one of these ad verification companies to set up a dashboard for our campaign and evaluate the outcome

Avoiding tempting deals from various smaller ad networks

There are a number of networks who end up committing and some of them even delivering campaigns with metrics much lower than standard benchmarks. We should avoid working with such networks in the bargain of getting efficient outcomes with risking quality.

Do not work with any such ad network regardless of opportunities to deliver metrics at much lower rates through some of these setups. One should also encourage the agency partners to report learnings of working with such networks for other clients.

Analysing campaign data

Keeping a check on ongoing campaigns and sensing triggers on deliveries will also help marketers avoid ad frauds. Certain channels will deliver unexpected results in a short span of time needs to cross checked wth deeper metrics.

During a campaign, one should check for channels where the ads have been placed on a regular basis and have created a blacklist of suspicious channels, you can keep adding to the same list with every campaign to avoid displaying our content on those channels.

Authored by : Hardik Joshi

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