YouTube’s own film is now the second most disliked YouTube video


It is rightly said the aggregators may not be the best storytellers, YouTube which owns the largest repository and the marketplace of video content in the world, seems to have become a victim to their own functionality. YouTube released an 8 minute video starring Will Smith and some of the top YouTube content creators, YouTube’s annual Rewind video.

Just getting together great content creators does not guarantee a great piece of content. The viewer largely unhappy about a number of popular content creators like PewDiePie missing from the video. Nevertheless the narrative also does not seem to motivate enough, although it attempts to touch upon certain sensitive trending topics from the past year.

The most disliked video is Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at 9.80 million dislikes and this video has clocked 8.1 million dislikes already, after being released on December 6th.

Authored by : Hardik Joshi

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