Dissecting the most watched brand film on YouTube, Hyundai’s 20 years ‘Brilliant Moments’ campaign

Hyundai India seems to have picked the perfectly apt situation, one between a father and son to create a film commemorating 20 years of Hyundai’s presence in India. This film has overtaken Samsung’s service care film which held the throne since December 2016 with 209 million views. This film was also promoted on Facebook and has garnered 45 million views.

This was followed by a film about armed forces personnel which was released a month later. In addition to the 200million views on Youtube, they have fetched 37 million views.

As a follow up to the campaign, the users were directed to the website https://www.brilliantmoments.in/  The website seems to have achieved great traction with over 2 million hits with 60% of those directed through social and display mediums.

They also released 11 shorter films made from stories submitted on the website by users. The films collectively have about 25 million views on YouTube

As per Hyundai’s CMO’s interview, the campaign got 280 million views and 150 million reach. Google reports YouTube has 270 million users which means it reaches out to 53% of the overall audience on YouTube.
This continues to be digital medium’s achilles heel, where the best (and most viral) campaigns also do not reach out to more than 60% of the potential audience on the platform. The only factor to their advantage, especially in this case, where the length of the video is 4:45 minutes, is that it would not been feasible to tell the same story on Television with a 30/60 seconder.
Our estimates suggest, the brand would have spent about 20-22 crores for the campaign, with about 5-7 crores spent on YouTube
The campaign is a testament of the fact that simple insights that a lot of marketers who would push aside since they are too cliched from their POV, continue to work with the audiences at large.
Authored by : Hardik Joshi

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